Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This piece is for that game thing I don't get paid for X| It's titled 'corruption' and is a bridge piece between 2 other stages. Any feedback would be great!
Though apparently it's ealier version just got taken off webshots for partial nudity! HAHA Sorry if anyone is offended ;)


  1. I like the mood and the motion with this piece, it really pushes the character. It seems like his lower half is a bit off though, his ass and hammy's (haha) seem too big or just not proportioned correctly. Maybe his torso is a little too small? I dunno, something is a bit off anatomically. His head, arms/shoulders, all look really good though.

  2. I kinda of agree with Davey, however I think the problem lies in the back muscles. Doesn't quite connect the arms and torso to the hips. If you cover up one side of the body, you can see how it looks like two separate forms.
    Otherwise, the colors and style is amazing. Again, I love those brush strokes, especially in the background and right leg.