Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inlaws & Outlaws Logo

This is my latest creation for my Pastor's new business he wants to start. He had another designer take a stab at it, but she wanted royalties! Besides, hers looked like a pile of clip art crap. I just sent it to him to review it, then the next step will be coloring it!

My Dad's latest Tattoo

I started by modifying this design my dad found and added in the type and the stars.

But, like I predicted, their was too much type on the bottom and too small for it to be worth it on his arm. So we simplified it with just four stars on the bottom.

And this is how it came out! The tattoo artist did an amazing job!

Tires, Tats & Tees Logo WIP

These are some variations of a logo design I'm doing for a friend's new start up business. I started with 18 concepts and his response was "I like number 1"...that's it! So I am kind of flying blind here not knowing exactly what he wants, but we'll see where we go from these next 8.